Saturday, November 24, 2012

The two that got away.

I've never been happier to lose fish. Today I lost two. One was no one's fault; the other was, thus a learning experience. The first was a keeper sized cutthroat trout, maybe 12 - 14 inches. Was trolling a spoon on 8 lb test. The fight lasted maybe 15 seconds, then the spoon bounced forward sans fish. I kept the line tight, throughout, so the fish did not spit; more like the fish was not deeply hooked. Critics might say that means I did not set the hook properly, but to my thinking, if I'd attempted a hard set, the hook would've popped, just as it did during the retrieve. The second was a good sized coho salmon. Judging from what I saw on the sonar, and what I'd caught in the same spot two weeks ago, I'm thinking it was 3, maybe 4 pounds. I was trolling a woolly bugger on a light tippet attached to sinking fly line. This was easily the biggest fish I'd ever had on a fly; I've never had one stripping so much line like that before - exhilarating! I did not pee the bed, but I didn't play it properly, either. The fight only lasted 5 seconds: 5/6 weight rod bent way over, line stripping out, I let it go 1 or 2 seconds, then started reeling. I felt the reeling was not quite working, so should've let the fish run a bit and palmed the reel for light resistance. Instead, I kept trying to reel (known as 'horsing' the fish in). Sure enough the tippet broke. Or so I thought (it was a little past dusk). Later inspection showed the tippet to leader knot had come undone. I hadn't changed it since buying the setup at the fly shop, where a young assistant rigged it for me. Can't point the finger at the kid, though; my fault for horsing. Should've let mr/ms salmon run another 20 seconds, then tried reeling a bit (and repeating, as required). Terrific adrenaline and great lesson learned. As a side editorial, I'm glad the coho got away. It may have been a hatchery fish, but wild coho have to be released on my river. The least intrusive way to practice catch and release is surely to NOT catch in the first place!

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