Thursday, October 28, 2010

Business vs. Corporate HR?

Disclaimer: This is not going to be a Jerry Maguire rant about fewer requisitions and fewer candidates. Nor is it a finger pointing exercise against the business, who is simply trying to secure the resources required to achieve their goals.

I often joke with colleagues on the business side that I am in recruiting, not HR (it's one inside the other, for those who aren't sure). When I reflect on why I make that distinction, the first thing I touch on is that - like many people - I have a desire to be liked. Not due to low self-esteem, mind you, but wrapped around wanting to do what an informed, reasonable person would identify as "the right thing."

- Payroll occasionally makes errors on paychecks and commission payments.
- Immigration/Legal can delay visa processing due to errors, omissions or a general lack of urgency (possibly due to being risk averse, which is an important part of their job, but a delay, nonetheless).
- HR business partners often have to say 'no' to the business on a variety of requests.

I imagine they all get used to their role and the stigmas that can go with it, but I cannot. Does that mean I am in the wrong position? Or is my dramatic/romantic notion of 'fighting the good fight' ill placed? Most likely, I simply have to get used to not being liked.