Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Support the Beaver Lake Cree!

Regardless of where you fall on the political/economic barometer, you can't ignore the fact that the AB tar sands are the single largest pollution-generating project on the planet. It uses more natural gas in a single day (to heat & separate the oil out of the sand) than the entire city of Calgary would use to heat homes for a year. It uses and destroys water to the extent that SK and AB farmers may soon not have any for irrigation. And, it is a massive environmental disaster in waiting: the largest dam in the world (China's 3 Gorges is not yet completed) is one that holds back tailings outside Ft. McMurray. If any one of a dozen of these earthen structures were to leak into the water supply, the Peace and McKenzie basins (the latter drains into the Arctic Ocean) would be doomed of wildlife and water unfit for human use.
In light of this, please see what the Beaver Lake Cree are doing, in the form of a law suit against the project. Industry and short-term economic gains be damned; it's time to save our country and planet.

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