Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Bill Clinton & Green Party @ the Vancouver Board of Trade

Yesterday I shook the hand of President Bill Clinton and told him that I work with Elizabeth May who is an old family friend of his. Crowds and cameras all around us, he said, “I love Elizabeth May. I've known her since she was this tall (gesturing at knee height)."

It was a great finale to a phenomenal event.

One reporter asked me, “was the high ticket price worth it?”
I answered, “of course, because he inspired me to give even more to help create a better world. I really think he shook up a powerful crowd, the Vancouver Board of Trade.”

I belong to the Board of Trade and Clinton’s talk was gutsy. He directly appealed to the business community to change the way they make money and reduce their profits to help solve the world’s three big problems:
social inequality, global warming and resource depletion, and ethnic conflicts.

As I walked back to our Green Party office in downtown Vancouver, leaving behind the well-heeled crowds towards the streets lined with panhandlers and homeless people, I thought, “Clinton’s message is exactly right for Vancouver. It’s wrong for such poverty to exist in such a wealthy society.”

And it's wrong for the federal Conservatives to hand out $60 billion in tax cuts to encourage people to simply spend more on consumer goods, instead of using those funds to build decent social housing, combat global warming and support global peace efforts.

Adriane Carr, Deputy Leader and Candidate for Vancouver Centre

Submitted by Adriane Carr on 2 November 2007 - 12:39pm.

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