Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The seven wonders of Canada - 52 of them!

Will be interesting to see the voting on this. 52 nominations for seven spots as "Canadian Wonders."

My two nominations (Nahanni National Park and the Cabot Trail) made the cut but are up against some incredible competition.


Me said...

Update: The show and idea were great, but I think the judges mistook SYMBOLS for wonders. The canoe, igloo and - my favourite - grain elevators are all wonderful symbols of Canada, but not wonders in the sense of, "how the heck was this made (whether man-made or natural)? Also, some of the 7 are not exclusive to Canada - Niagara Falls andf the Rockies, for instance, extend into the US!

Missing: Trans Canada, Haida Gwaii, the Dempster and Cabot Trail, Manitoulin Island and the Northwest Passage.

Me said...

And here's an update that supports my nominee, Nahanni: